• Advise the district on the most effective technologies for instructional and administrative needs.

  • Support students’, teachers’, and administrators’ instructional technologies.

  • Provide hands on training and guidance to teachers and students in effective use of instructional (educational) technologies that can enhance the 21st Century Learning Environment.

  • Provide leadership of technology-based assessments and utilization in all aspects of curriculum and instruction.

Jenny Grabiec, M.Ed
Instructional Technology Specialist
High Tech Verbs:analyze, apply, appraise, calculate, categorize, choose, cite, classify, collect, combine, compare, complete, compose,construct, contrast, create, criticize, defend, define, demonstrate, describe, design, determine, develop, differentiate,discuss, distinguish, do, dramatize, draw, evaluate, explain, express, extend, find, formulate, generalize, generate,hypothesize, identify, illustrate, indicate, infer, interpret, interrelate, invent, investigate, judge, label, list, locate, make, make up, match, memorize, name, observe, originate, omit, organize, paint, paraphrase, plan, point out, predict, prepare, present,produce, read aloud, recall, recite, recognize, record, relate, represent, restate, rewrite, role play, select, share, show, sketch,solve, state, subdivide, summarize, survey, tell, translate, understand, use, write